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Acidity : Amount of free fatty acids in a food or other substance.


Black olives : A black olive is a fully ripe olive, and will contain more oil than a green olive.

Blended olive oil : Mixture of olive oils from many different varieties, regions, and even countries.


Green olives : Green olives are obtained from olives harvested during the ripening cycle when they have reached normal size, but prior to color change.


Hand-picked : Fruit harvested by hand picking with a shaker, rakes or row type harvester.

Harvesting : Harvesting of the fruit is done in the autumn.


IOOC : The International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) determines standards for grades of olive oil for most of the world.


Olive : The stone fruit of the olive tree, Olea europaea L. Within this genus, there are many different varieties of olives throughout the world. Small and round, the stone or pit is surrounded by the flesh or meat. Olives vary in color from bright green to black, depending on ripeness when the fruit was picked.

Olive paste : After the fruit is harvested and washed, it is crushed and ground into olive paste, and pressed to extract the oil.

Olive tree : The olive is a subtropical, broad-leaved evergreen tree (Olea europea L.), grown for the production of its fruits which are utilized for table olives and for the extraction of the olive oil.

Organoleptic : Perceived by the sensory organs. The organoleptic properties of olive oil are color, bouquet and taste.


Pomace olive oil : Olive-pomace oil is the oil comprising the blend of refined olive-pomace oil and virgin olive oils fit for consumption as they are. 

Ripe olives

Ripe olives : Olives that are harvested when the fruit is close to being fully ripe, once it has attained the color and oil content corresponding to each particular variety.


Unfiltered olive oil : Unfiltered oil contains tiny particles of olive flesh, which leaves the oil cloudy.

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